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OUR #1 MISSION IS To provide homes, education, skills sets, entertainment and Transportation opportunities for Veterans and Communities.


Restoring the Quality of Life
and establishing a Legacy in the
Community from those who served.







making a difference


Legendary Homes Staff

“Helping our Legends reintegrate back into America’s community.”

cedrick grier

Legendary Homes Staff

Highly skilled Intelligence Analyst and Military Veteran with a Top-Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information
Clearance and 10+ years of dedicated service in the Intelligence field. Experienced in conducting all-source
intelligence analysis applying advanced intelligence analytics and data mining to identify, assess, interpret, and
report potential threats. Possesses the innate ability to work collaboratively with inter-agency and foreign partners.
Has a reputation as a tactful and dependable leader during challenging and adverse situations in high stress
environments; provides clear and concise direction. Proven professional with measurable accomplishments
providing timely an invaluable advice to internal and external stakeholders to achieve results. Has an extensive
background in the of production of technical and non-technical reports and briefings tailored to inform knowledge
levels of targeted audiences and end-users, well versed in conducting domestic and global operations. Understands
how to build and strengthen teams to attain and exceed organizational goals. Has a reputation as a tactful and
dependable leader always provides clear and concise direction.


Legendary Homes Staff

Served as the Senior Advisor which oversees personnel training requirements, training database, online training, training statistics, training guidance, training calendar development, providing tactical/ technical guidance and professional support to subordinate units. Assists personnel with their claims process, medical facts, and maintaining correspondence with the Disability Evaluation System (IDES) which primarily consists of the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) support structure. Supervise lifecycle project management and corrective action implementation overseeing the work efforts and providing technical support and advise to senior leadership.

Served as the Senior Operations Sergeant for the 3rd Sustainment Brigade headquarters. Managed, supported, and evaluated operations, training, and Mission Command for two battalions, eight separate companies and civilian customers. Controlled and monitored the distribution of information and orders from the Brigade Headquarters to higher and subordinate commands. Utilized decision making skills when tasking units based on capabilities and assets and provided technical and doctrinal advice to operations staff, Deputy Commander and Brigade Commander. 

Served as the Battalion Master Resilience Trainer for 26th Brigade Support Battalion, 2ND Armored Brigade Combat Team; responsible for administering and providing oversight of the battalions equal opportunity and resilience program; advises the commanders on their respective unit resilience training program; manages six master resilience trainers throughout the battalion; facilities the equal opportunity and resilience training for over 440 Soldiers.


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Legendary Homes, Inc. is a Veteran facilitated & operated Non-Profit Organization